Demo Center Fire

We’re saddenned to report that the new Bionicon Demo Center in Wofford Heights suffered a fire yesterday, Friday September 18, at about 4 in the afternoon.

A few hours after Paul had left the office to attend business in Bakersfield in the early afternoon, the neighbors noticed smoke coming from the windows and called 911. It took some time for the Fire Department to arrive by which time flames were shooting out of the store room and office windows; the building was fully engulfed.

On initial inspection it appears the building and everything in it is a complete loss. All of  the Demo Center’s inventory of bicycles, components, and the demo fleet were lost in the fire.

Preliminary investigations suggest the fire started in or near the shop’s air compressor, though fire officials have not yet confirmed the exact cause. The air compressor was in the store room along with the company’s inventory of bikes, components and parts. The intense heat of the fire was evident in the molten masses of aluminum that were once bicycle frames.

We were extremely fortunate that nobody was injured. Perhaps the most disappointing part is the amount of time and effort spent over the past three months to renovate and prepare the buiding for Bionicon, as well as the loss of personal effects and mementos.  The office and Demo Center officially opened only two weeks ago.

This is a major setback for the company, but a temporary one.  We will be re-opening and available for business as soon as possible. Please understand that phone lines are currently down, but we do have intermittent access to email.

The Kern Valley Sun posted a story with pictures of the fire.

We’ll continue to post as more news becomes available.

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