Bionicon eco

Bionicon EcoThe Bionicon eco is the 3rd generation of the innovative and award-winning chain guide for single, double and triple ring drivetrains. The eco is a significantly improved and simplified design, so good that the v.02 is being discontinued. You deserve the best performing and toughest at a much lower price.


The eco is more effective and virtually eliminates dropped chains, chain slap and rattles, quieting your bike and protecting your chainstay, which is an especially big deal if you have a carbon bike. If you already have a clutch type derailleur the eco will give you the extra reassurance that your chain will stay put and give you the most effective chain retention you can have short of a full on DH type chain guide.

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Bionicon eco functions by following your chain through pitch, roll and twisting motions, allowing it to adapt to any gear or chainline combination




The Bionicon Massive Mount, extra heavy-duty mountMassive Mount

The Bionicon Massive Mount is now available. For those of you who have had trouble with the original v.02 mount, this is the solution you have been waiting for, likely the last mount you will need. Now included with all v.02 and also available separately for $5.

Why Choose the Bionicon

The award-winning Bionicon is the lightest, most innovative chain retention system available. It's compatible with single, double, or triple chainrings. The 3rd generation eco builds and improves upon the performance of the v.02, while also improving reliability and reducing weight from the previous generations.

But don't take our word for it. Watch the videos below, or read these v.02 reviews on and Pinkbike, On Dirt Review, and

How it works

As Seen in Dirt Rag                                         Bionicon C-Guide vs. XTR Cagelock

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How to install the Bionicon C.Guide

This video shows the V.02 being installed. Installation of the eco is essentially the same, just quicker and easier. The recommendations for chain length and placement still apply.